Warranty Policy

We at Mk Furniture sell products made of Solid Wood like Sofa, Tables, Wardrobes, Chairs, Beds, etc.

Warranty Period
We ensure that the products we make are free from any defects. But if in case the product you received is defective, then we provide a 12 monthly repair warranty, which will commence from the date of the invoice.

Mk Furniture provides free repair services for any manufacturing defect in the product.

Warranty Exclusions
Mk Furniture will not provide a warranty in the following case:

  • If there is any defect in the product due to its appearances like Scratches, stains, dents, color-fading, or any other changes developed during its use.
  • Defects due to not taking proper care of the furniture like not cleaning the furniture regularly or mishandling the product by the customer. 
  • If the furniture is purchased during Sale or at a discounted price. 
  • We will not cover the defects caused if the customer fails to follow the care instructions provided by Mk Furniture. 
  • Variation due to natural characteristics of Material. The wood varies enormously when the climate changes, which causes expansion and contraction. The wood at Mk Furniture goes through various processes to reduce the natural instances, but complete elimination might not be possible (inherent characteristics). 

In such cases, Mk Furniture shall not be liable.


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