Care & Instructions

Some simple steps will help you keep your wooden furniture looking new for a more extended time.

  • Don't keep your furniture under the exposure of direct sunlight, as sunlight fades away the furniture.

  • Trying to clean the furniture regularly will help you to maintain them for a long time. Cleaning should be done using a soft cloth; cleaning with a rough rage will not work here because it might cause scratches.
  • Please don't put anything warm on the wooden furniture like burning wax candles or iron or warm pan as it may affect your furniture in the long run.
  • Try using a good quality thick cloth for your day-to-day cleaning.
  • The use of mats and coasters is always advisable to avoid the furniture from staining. Don't put any heated items on the furniture directly. If you spill liquid over it, then immediately wipe it off using a towel.
  • To keep the natural finish as new as possible, try not to have any chemical contact with the furniture because doing so will affect the durability of the furniture. 
  • Avoid exposure of your wooden furniture to extreme humid changes because there can be a risk of cracking due to moisture, resulting in moisture expanding and contracting.


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