Dining Table Sets

Dining Table Sets

Wooden Dining Table Set

Wooden dining tables are the only place that comes to our mind to enjoy with family and friends or hosting parties. A beautiful wooden dining table can be a center of attraction for your house and our latest design in this category will surely help you in that. Everyone wants to have a family time together where they can all sit and enjoy, and we provide you with a variety of dining tables from which you can choose the best option for you and your family. Every home has a different need, and everyone wants the best furniture which can suit the entire decor and go well with the rest of the furniture. Mk Furniture can fulfill your every need and thus makes your life easier by providing the option of wooden dining table sets online.


Most people think about choosing that perfect piece of dining table that complements the rest of the interior. Well, we are here for you. We provide several options to choose from, which can make your purchasing decision ten times better. If you're not able to find the perfect piece for your home, you need to call us and tell us your requirements. Also, the fantastic and unique chairs we provide with the table are a treat for your eyes.


Whether modern or traditional, each piece is made from premium quality Sheesham wood and is finely detailed to go with the interiors. Nowadays, you can find any design you want in your home online; likewise, finding a perfectly crafted wooden dining table is not a challenging task. You can even customize it in any look you want. One can demand a four-seater dining table. Another can require six or more for a joint family. Every type of wooden dining table set is available at Mk Furniture. If you want to have some extra features like storage, adding benches, or so, we have options in that too, or we can customize it the way you want. 


Types of Wooden Dining Table Sets Online

There is an extensive range of wooden dining tables because we want everyone to get a satisfactory table for their home which goes well with their interior. We always make sure that there is no compromise with the quality, furniture that last-long and gives you the total value of the money is our main focus. Our team of professionals ensures that the product you receive should match your expectations and be worthy of getting compliments each time someone visits your place. The range we have can fulfill all your demands like if someone has a small space, he can go for a folding dining table set or small dining set for their homes.


Of all the dining table sets we have, some of them are our most demanding and the best selling pieces like the four-seater dining table set with two chairs and a bench for 2, similarly the six-seater dining set in which we provide four chairs and a bench for 2. Dining tables with benches are nowadays in fashion, and people are adapting this trend which looks elegant and unique.


Also, at Mk Furniture, we give you the option of customization. According to your home interior, you can choose the kind of finish you want, either a teak finish, honey, or walnut finish, matte or glossy. The dining table size fits your space and the fabric, too, if you want the cushions with the chairs.

Buying Dining Table Set Online

Not just to eat, the dining room is much more than that. A place to discuss your whole day with your family, taking those zoom meetings, virtual classrooms for your kids, a place to spend time with your friends and family, and whatnot.


Hence, the dining table is an essential piece of furniture nowadays, and there are endless options to choose from according to you and your family's needs. Our unique furniture helps you stand out in the crowd and convert your space into the most comfortable area of your house, where your children will love to sit and spend most of their time with you.

Buying an online dining table is no more a hassle. Just a click, and you will explore an uncountable number of options in the dining table or in any furniture for that matter.


An Attractive Wooden Dining Table Set

We believe that the only attractive dining table is the one that goes well with the interior, providing comfort. What better than a wooden dining table, Isn't it? Our dining table is crafted in premium quality Sheesham wood which is long-lasting and all seasoned Wood. Our Wood goes through a treating process before being free from cracks, termites, and other damage.


Benefits you get when you purchase from Mk Furniture.


With the variety of options we offer you, we have some added benefits to make your purchase more satisfying and easy.


  1. Wood: Every piece of furniture is crafted with premium quality wood which is Sheesham Wood. We use Sheesham Wood as it is more durable and also seasoned Wood. Our Wood is treated as free from termites, crack and give your home a brand new updated look.

  2. Customization: Mk Furniture also provides you to customize all types of home furniture products online. Our team is highly professional and provides you with quality products which match your expectations, as satisfying you is our main aim.

  3. Offers: Along with the free delivery and door-to-door delivery, we make sure to come up with different types of offers and discounts to make your shopping experience a pleasing one and which will also be easy on your pocket.

Hence, you're just a few steps away from exploring our world, which is designed especially for you. An online furniture store, from where you can choose the color, dimensions, style, in short, customize it according to you and your family needs just by sitting at your home. You can contact us with all your needs like if you want space-saving furniture or the big ones, modern or traditional ones, customize it by contacting us. We are happy to help. Please take a look, explore and choose the best according to your needs from our premium quality products. Everything you need is on Mk Furniture, so don't wait until you check it out soon.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of buying a dining table set online?

Buying a Dining Table set online makes your purchase easier as you will have an uncountable number of options to choose from from the comfort of your home. As services like hassle-free door-to-door delivery and customization services are provided, you can have the perfect fit for your home.


How do I choose a dining table set?

Before choosing the dining table for your home, there are a few points to keep in mind, like the available space you have where you want to keep the dining table. Also, it would help if you decided how much seating capacity you want on your dining table and last but not least the color and the finish, which goes well with your interior.


What's the best shape for a dining table in a small room?

For homes having a space crunch, we suggest square-shaped dining table sets. A wooden dining table set enhances the whole look of the space.

Which are the best dining table sets under 25000?

A 2 seater dining table set is the best table under 25,000. We have a vast collection for you to choose the best setting. Also, if you like any design of a four-seater table or a six-seater table, we can customize it for you in a 2 table dining set that fits your budget. 

Which Wood is the best for a dining table set in India?

Sheesham wood is the premium quality material you can have your dining table crafted in India. We believe in no compromise in quality, and every piece is crafted in Sheesham wood only.

Which dining table set is Better, Wood or glass top?

If you're someone who goes only for beauty, then, of course, the glass top is the best choice for your house, but if you prefer durability, elegance, and long-lasting, then wood tabletop is your pick.


Which dining table set is Better, Wood or glass?


A wooden dining table set is better because of its durability and elegant look, while glass dining table sets are for the watch only and are not long-lasting.


What is the dining table best for a small space?

A 2 seater dining table or a four- seater one is the best option for small spaces. Depending on the area available, you can choose from our extensive range of dining table sets.

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