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A bedroom is the only place where you spend most of your time. Too tired after a busy day or need your weekend sleep, bedroom is the only place you look for. Thus, a bedroom needs to be personalized according to your preferences and needs so that you can achieve all the comfort and have a relaxing time. The main part of the bedroom is a bed, a comfortable bed because at the end of the day you always look to have that peaceful time with a sound sleep only. Hence, the bed and bedroom are the main part of each and everyone’s house.

A sound sleep brings a peaceful mind, which gives you a healthy lifestyle and helps you have a productive day. We at Mk Furniture always look to provide you with the comfort you’re looking for so that there is no hindrance in your personal and professional life. Mk Furniture brings a wide range of premium quality Sheesham wood beds to fulfill all your needs and comfort. Now you can have both aesthetics and utility furniture with us. MKFurniture today is a leading emblem of Furniture Online, Buy Bed online retailing from 6 signature shops in MUMBAI, DELHI, BANGALORE, PUNE, CHENNAI & HYDERABAD. MKFurniture offers a Quality Furniture Online which you could Buy Bed online in MKFurniture from the nice collection. Here, slicing aspect, eclectic, excessive quality collectibles are available at VALUE PRICES, developing a international of ULTIMATE VALUE residing very attainable to the layout aware.
Points to consider when buying a bed online

  1. Since buying furniture is an investment, it needs to be perfect, and that’s why most people got confused about their decision to purchase it. For a smarter choice while buying a bed, consider these points:Size of the Bed. Consider the space you have in your room and where you want to keep the bed. Some rooms have a larger area where you can keep any bed size, but you cannot pick anything in a small space. With a measuring tape, note down the dimensions and accordingly select the size of the bed. Do check the detail section of the product for the dimensions while finalizing online.
  2. Storage in the Bed
  3. Decide whether you want storage in the bed or not beforehand. If yes, then what type of pull-out drawers or hydraulic storage. Most people opt for a storage option because who doesn’t want multi-purpose furniture like storage beds that provide comfort and hold.
  4. Compatibility Matters
  5. While purchasing a bed online, always look out for the decor too. Which design will look best with your set. It is essential because no one wants to give an ugly look to their space, so better choose something which compliments your interior in the best possible way. The walls, color of the room, and the rest of the existing furniture all together should create your zen space. 
    Material Quality 

You are investing your money in a bed that needs to be long-lasting and durable so that it will be there with you for years. Therefore, material quality is important. You need to be sure about the quality you’re buying. At Mk Furniture, we gave you the best quality Sheesham wood, which is treated too to avoid cracks, termites, structure dent, etc. 

Types of Bed at MK Furniture

There are loads of categories and bed products to buy at WoodenStreet. All the categories are made to entertain various requirements of customers

Modular Bed

The combination of units in a bed with different settings, is the modular bed. Every set consists of different configurations like the king size bed, queen size bed and customised one as well. It's upon your need, space, which one to choose for your bedroom so that it is well suited with your interior as well.  

Poster Bed

Bed design inspired from the royal and old furniture ideas. The poster bed comes under the category of luxury furniture, as it is made out of the royal furniture ideas, the results fall into the luxury segment. It contains pillars on all the four sides like the kings and dukes used to have in their bed design. The design mainly looks like a small box structure which is unique and gives luxury and royal feel to it.

Diwan beds with Storage

Diwan, these furniture are a part of the rich indian culture, as our ancestors used to have diwans in their houses. Nowadays diwan is modified to provide multifunction. People are opting for the option of diwan beds as it looks unique and also the storage option they have makes it more useful. A number of buyers are there for diwan beds online, they take less space providing a bed as well as the storage facility at the same time. 

King Size Beds

When a couple is looking for a bed they usually opt for the King size bed rather than a queen size. It is because a King size bed offers more space, two people can sleep comfortably even if their hands and legs are wide spread. 

 Queen Size Beds

When it comes to choosing a bed for your bedroom, a queen size bed is  a great choice as it provides enough space for two adults to sleep properly. A queen size bed is slightly smaller than a king size but offers enough space for two people. We have a wide range of Queen size beds online to choose from. 

Single Beds

Single beds are mostly for those rooms which do not have enough space, as they consume less space and provide a cozy and relaxed sleep. After a certain age children want their separate rooms, in those cases single beds are more useful. 

Hydraulic Storage Beds

As the name suggests hydraulic beds are the one which have hydraulic mechanism to lift up the mattress to provide the entire storage under it. If you’re looking to buy wooden beds online in India then hydraulic storage beds are the smart choice to make. It is comfortable, you will sleep like a baby and also have great utility with the ample storage space.

UpHolstered Beds

If you need a poised look for your room, then Up Holstered Beds are the best choice. These beds are the one in which the headboards are tufted, covered with fabric. Nowadays these tufted headboards are coming in different shapes like square, half moon shaped and so on. 

Advantages of buying Beds at MK Furniture

Our main aim is to satisfy the customer in the best possible way. With that view in mind we make sure to give maximum benefits to our clients, some of the benefits you get while purchasing with us are:

 1. Customization

Your home, your design!! We love when the customer takes interest in customising their piece. As furniture is a part of your home and it’s going to be there for quite a time, it needs special attention whether in the detailing or the styling. Through customisation you can have the product which was in your imagination till now. You just need to contact us and explain your needs, what exactly you want and we take full responsibility to deliver the product of your imagination at your doorstep. The fabric, material, colour of the furniture, the design, polish you want, all can be done according to your preferences. Just go through our site and there you can have a lot of options to explore from.

2. Wide Range to Explore

Mk Furniture, an online wooden furniture store gives you an array of furniture for your home. Looking for a bed for your bedroom. Well this is the right place for you!! Browse to find the perfect match for your home, as we provide the best quality wooden bed made of sheesham wood. Sheesham wood is the best quality wood as it is more durable, seasoned wood, and in look wise, of course the best. Also we use treated wood in all our furniture to prevent any type of cracks, termites etc. So at Mk Furniture you need not to worry about the quality of the material used. We assure you with the best services you will get at Mk Furniture. Either you want more of a traditional piece than the modern one or the vice versa or you want a mixture of both, you can have your dream bed with us.

3. Multiple offers and discounts

The vendors with the store have a limited range because of the limited area as compared to online stores. The large overhead expenses on them, because of all these situations they want to make as much benefit as possible and hence not able to run any offers or unable to provide any discount or benefits. But with online stores, this is not the case. And that’s why we mostly find the offers and discounts on the online stores. You can get a great deal while purchasing any furniture online. 

4. Quality matters the most

We understand the concern of quality that you might be having like what kind of wood we are using, is it durable, is it treated and so many other thoughts are hovering around you! In that case, you need to sit back and relax because we only deal in wooden furniture and we don’t want to disappoint our customer with the quality of it. Every single piece is crafted in Solid Sheesham Wood, which is the best quality wood and top of it we always use treated wood so that it can match the standard which you demanded. In some cases if a customer wants to use mango wood, we can do that too but only on customer’s demand.

5. Returns are easy

Do you ever see while purchasing furniture offline that after buying you can return it. I guess NO!! Well with offline stores this is the plus point you will get. Different sites offer different return policies for the customer if they’re not happy with the product. After delivering the product too, online stores take responsibility for the product under mention return policies.

6. Free and Door to Door Delivery

When you buy something from MK Furniture online, we ensure that the product is packed in a way that no wear and tear happens, also our focus is to deliver the product in a position you demanded. A free door to door delivery is also provided with every order. Assembling services in metro cities is a bonus.

Why to purchase from Mk Furniture?

With the variety of options we offer you to choose from, we have some added benefits for you to make your purchase more satisfying and easy. 

  1. Wood: The wood we use is Sheesham Wood. Every furniture is crafted with the premium quality wood which is sheesham wood, we use sheesham wood as it is more durable and also seasoned wood. Our wood is treated so that it will be free from termites, crack and give your home a brand new updated look. 

  2. Customization:  Mk Furniture also provides you to customise all types of home furniture products online. Our team is highly professional and provides you with the quality products which match your expectations, as satisfying you is our main aim.      

  3. Offers: Along with the free delivery and door to door delivery, we make sure to come up with different types of offers and discounts to make your shopping experience a pleasing one and which will also be easy on your pocket. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will you provide bed ply?

Yes, we provide bed ply which is made from MDF. We make sure that with each bed order we provide a base ply to avoid any type of complaint.

Q2. How durable is your bed bottom ply and warranty?

We always make sure to use MDF as a bed base ply of industry standards. Also it comes with a 1 year warranty period against any defects in manufacturing. 

Q3. Can I customize the beds?

We have a large variety of beds you can choose from like the king size bed, queen size, single and so on and on. But in case you are not satisfied and want the custom size, then contact us on the number given, you can also write to us on regarding your needs and requirements. 

Q4. Does the bed come with a headboard?

There are many designs with or without headboard. If you want the headboard then don’t forget to check the product specifications. Also if you want to add a headboard on any design you might like in a bed having no headboard, we can customise it for you and can add headboard.

Q5. Does the bed come assembled at the time of delivery?

No, the bed does not come assembled at the time of delivery. Although we provide assembling services free of charge in the metro cities.

Q6. Are there any options for changing wood material other than sheesham wood?

As Sheesham wood is the best quality premium wood, each piece is manufactured in sheesham wood only. But if a customer wants another wood then contact us regarding the same.

Q7. How soon can I get my bed delivered?

After placing the order, the maximum time of delivery is 10-12 days. We make sure that the product delivered on the estimated timeline given, in case of any mishap delivery date may differ. 

Q8. Are there any other color options to choose?

Yes, definitely. There are a number of options to choose in color. You just need to connect with us regarding what you need and how you need, we will fulfill your each requirement and try to give you the full value of your money. 



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