Bedside Tables

Bedside Tables

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A Bedside Table is a wooden piece of furniture that gives you ample space for storage and enhances the overall look of your room. You can put it on both sides of the bed or on either side or where you want to keep this beautiful piece. A perfect bedside table adds a graceful look to any place. You can check our website for a variety of bedside tables at reasonable prices. We provide a fantastic collection of side tables for the bedroom, which will suit your lifestyle and complement the rest of the furniture and the decor. Nowadays, mostly everyone is opting for the option of bedside tables. These solid wood side tables are in great demand for their quality, excellent storage space they provide, and serve as a beautiful furniture piece for every home. It is made in wood; it mostly goes with all types of furniture, whether modern or traditional. Wood looks classy wherever kept. Utility with style; who doesn’t want it!

Benefits Of Bedside Table

The uniqueness of bedside tables made in Sheesham wood with different patterns makes them more appealing to anyone's eye. A piece that complements furniture and decor with the most of the storage facility is something you can't miss. You can go for any wooden bedside table online with drawers to go with your bedroom or with any space you want to keep it. If you're using it in the bedroom, you can keep your night lamp over it so that it will be helpful when you're reading your novels or doing work, and after reading, keep the book on the table only. It provides you the comfort, functionality, and of course, style too. At affordable prices, you can beautify your room and upgrade your living style with the modular bedside table giving you more storage space. With the bedside table, you can enjoy certain benefits as well:

  1. Working late at night and too tired to keep the laptop on any other table, having a bedside table solves your problem. Don't get up if you're tired. After that late working hour, please keep it on the side table only.

  2. You can put a lot of your day-to-day stuff like your watch, medicines, alarm clock, and photographs of your loved ones near you. The bedside table is multi-utility furniture and can store almost everything of your daily use.

  3. A table with a drawer is a better idea, as you need to keep your wallets, jewelry, keys in that drawer to be safer.

  4. If we talk about looks, then it's unbeatable. The perfectly crafted piece in Sheesham wood with the multi-purpose feature is an excellent return of the money invested.

  5. Kid's have most of their stuff lying all around the house, and they can use some storage then why not this bedside table. With the usage of a small area, this bedroom bedside table is a solution to many problems.

Online Collection Of Wooden Bedside Tables

You can check our collection of bedside tables made in Sheesham Wood. As Sheesham wood is high in quality and is all seasoned wood, every piece is crafted in this wood only. Also, to increase the life of the wood and make it free from termites and cracks, the wood goes through a treatment process before using it. If you want an elegant and classy piece for your home, then Mk Furniture is the stop for you. A wooden bedside table looks gorgeous wherever placed either in the bedroom, or ki’s room, or in the living room. It goes with all kinds of furniture.

On the top side of the side tables, the side edges everything is crafted by the professional craftsmen keeping in mind to provide the best side tables with the drawers. Each piece at Mk Furniture got that detailed finish that will leave you satisfied. You can use coasters and mats to keep on the top area of the table to be safe from any liquid. Safety as well as beauty, these coasters add up to the beauty of this piece. At Mk Furniture, you can have it according to your preference; either you want it in teak, honey, or walnut finish. We can make the piece the way you want it. Sheesham wood is durable and long-lasting; you will not regret buying the piece because it will also have a great return value.

Points to take care while purchasing Bedside Table Online

Different people have different purposes for using the bedside table. Some of you want to use it in the kid’s room, while others may want it in the bedroom. So depending upon its use, you need to keep in mind some of the points while purchasing it online.

  • The bedside table needs to fit perfectly in the leftover space. Make sure to measure the area of the side you want to keep the table. This way, you can have the perfect fit.

  • How much storage do you want? You need to decide beforehand and then make a purchase decision accordingly on how much drawer space you want.

  • It would help if you decided the purpose of the bedside table. Either you’re going to use it as a decorative piece or for storage purposes. It can simplify your decision of purchase.

  • The height of the bed matters a lot when buying a bedside table for the bedroom. You don’t want to buy a bedside table which is too big or too small for your bed. In this case, measure the height of your bed and choose accordingly.

  • What finishes your bed also matters a lot while choosing a bedside table. The furniture of the rest of the room should be in symmetry or not is a big decision to make while purchasing.

Buying Furniture Online (Bedside Tables)

Buying wooden furniture online, which compliments your decor and style, is relatively easy nowadays. Mk Furniture provides you with a wide variety of ready-made as well as customized solid wood furniture online. At Mk Furniture, we offer a wide range of products for our customers, like dining tables, sofa sets, and solid wood materials like study room furniture, wardrobes, cabinets, bedroom furniture sets, etc. You name it; we have it. You’re looking for wooden furniture online in India; we are here to satisfy all your needs with our services. Maintaining customer service and giving the value of their money is our only aim. Hence, you’re just a few steps away from exploring our world, which is designed especially for you. An online furniture store, from where you can choose the color, dimensions, style, in short, customize it according to you and your family needs just by sitting at your home. You can contact us with all your needs like if you want space-saving furniture or the big ones, modern or traditional ones, customize it by contacting us. We are happy to help. Please take a look, explore and choose the best according to your needs from our premium quality products. Everything you need is on Mk Furniture, so don’t wait until you check it out soon.

Customized Side Tables

Your home, your design!! We love when the customer takes an interest in customizing their piece. As furniture is a part of your home and will be there for quite a time, it needs special attention, whether in the detailing or the styling. Through customization, you can have the product which was in your imagination till now. You need to contact us and explain your needs, what exactly you want, and we take full responsibility to deliver the product of your imagination to your doorstep. The fabric, material, color of the furniture, the design, polish you want all can be done according to your preferences. 

A solid Sheesham wood bedside table that goes perfectly with your room is hard to find, and that’s where customization comes in. You can customize it in size, shape, color, finish, material, and whatever you say. Here at Mk Furniture, we focus on customer satisfaction; we want to give you a fantastic quality with your choice of detailing at reasonable prices.

Types of Bedside Table Designs

Modern Bedside Table

modern bedside table is ideal for a bedroom designed with a contemporary theme. If you have a modern cot in your bedroom, a minimalist modern white bedside table will enliven your room. Clean lines, bold designs and eclectic colors are the hallmarks of the latest bedside table designs. Take a look at the Mkfurniture catalog of bedside table designs and prepare to be inspired.

Wooden Bedside Table Design

The sophistication and charm of a wooden bedside table design is unmatched. Even a simple design of a bedside table made of wood looks incredibly stylish and chic. One of the best qualities of a wooden furniture piece is that it can seamlessly blend in with any decor theme. A wooden bedside table pairs well with wooden wardrobes from Mkfurniture to create a warm and inviting bedroom space.

Contemporary Bedside Table

If you like all things modern, consider getting yourself a contemporary bedside table. With a strong focus on shape, form and neutral colors, contemporary designs have futuristic appeal while being highly functional. Experiment with materials such as chrome, glass or steel for your bedside table furniture. The added benefit of extra storage space makes a contemporary bedside table a 'must' in furniture design. Mkfurniture offers a wide range of contemporary designer bedside tables for you to choose from.

Home Furniture In India

Mk Furniture offers a great variety of options. The more you look, the more options you have. Either you’re looking for study room furniture, bedroom furniture or dining room furniture, the one-stop solution is Mk Furniture. 

We have what you need. If you need something in modern design for your home needs or traditional furniture, we got you all covered. Mk Furniture also provides you with customization. You can customize all types of home furniture products online. Our team is highly professional and provides you with quality products which match your expectations, as satisfying you is our main aim. Every piece of furniture is crafted with premium quality wood, which is Sheesham wood. We use Sheesham wood as it is more durable and also seasoned wood. Our wood is treated to be free from termites, crack and give your home a brand new updated look. 

Browse our website and feel free to contact us in case of any enquiry. Our team is working for you and always wants your needs to be fulfilled in the best possible way. 

Check our latest collection in bookshelves, study tables, bar cabinets, bedroom furniture, wing chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, sofa sets, side tables, wooden swing, and whatnot. We’re sure you will get what you’re looking for. Mk Furniture is the one-stop solution for all your furniture needs.

Sheesham Wood Bedside Tables With Drawer 

Mk Furniture provides you with the best quality furniture made in Sheesham wood. The bedside tables collection here is uniquely designed to satisfy the needs of every client. We focus on the quality so that the furniture will be long-lasting. Buying a bedside table online from us will give you the satisfaction of money well spent. Sheesham wood furniture, which is easy on the pocket, is a plus for everyone. Isn’t it?  You will also get some added benefits like free shipping, door-to-door delivery while purchasing from us, assembling facilities, a secure online payment option and many more. Home furniture like bed, wall cabinets, almirah, double beds, sofa cum bed, dressing tables, wardrobes, kid’s bed, bar room furniture, dining table, sofa set and every other furniture is available at Mk Furniture with a wide variety.

E-commerce is the best medium in today’s world to connect with businesses and millions of consumers. Sitting in the comfort of your home or office, you can buy any goods and services with just one click. The comfortability and door-to-door delivery with easy returns policies made the life of the customer hassle-free. This process is much easier than spending hours walking around in the stores.

Buy Latest Sheesham Wood Bedside Tables With Drawer Storage

Buy solid wood bed side table online in india which matches perfectly with your bedroom decor as Mkfurniture provides you with the customization facility where you can change many aspects of night side table for bedroom. Starting from dimensions, design, storage style, material and finish. Get the Bedside Storage Table With Drawer and Shelf from our wide collection or customize it to give an elegant look to your bedroom. Living a luxurious and comfortable life is not difficult. In just a few clicks and an affordable price, bedside cabinet furniture

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard height of a bedside table?

A lot depends on the height of your bed; if you’re buying the bedside table to keep near the bed, the standard bedside table height should be between 24 and 28 inches.

Can I get a bedside table for a low bed?

The bedside table for low beds is quite common these days. They look cute as well as stylish. We provide bedside tables in every height, as customization is also available. You can contact us related to the height of the table, and we would love to assist you accordingly.

Which is the best bedside table?

You can explore a wide variety of bedside tables with us, although the best bedside tables are the ones which have drawers as they will provide you with the utility with style.

How many drawers do you provide on the Bedside table?

We have many options like a single drawer, double drawer, open drawer, sliding drawer and many more. Depending on your need, you can choose from the many options provided.

Which wood is best for a bedside table?
The best wood for a bedside table is Sheesham wood, and this is what we prefer. All the pieces are crafted in solid Sheesham wood, as it is more durable and long-lasting. Our wood also goes through a treating process so that the wood is termites and crack-free. Further, we polish it with the finish you want, either honey, teak or walnut.


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