Wooden Furniture Cleaning?

Posted on October 12th, 2021 02:07 AM

 Wooden Furniture Cleaning?

If you are someone who bought wooden furniture for the first time and want to know about it’s maintenance, don't worry because we at Mk Furniture are going to give you the list of things by which you can clean your furniture easily. 

As much as buying, maintaining wood is quite a task. Wooden furniture needs time and proper attention to last long.

You have wooden furniture and want to maintain it, right?

All you need to do is to follow these simple steps in order to keep your wooden furniture as new.



We often notice the dust on the furniture, well don’t ignore it. Clean your furniture on a daily basis, clean the dust and take time to do it. Not cleaning will affect the life of the furniture. 

A microfiber cloth is the best material you can use to clean the furniture.


Dish soap and water as a solution, can help in cleaning the wood to a great extent. The paint marks can also be wiped out using this solution.  

How much you’re going to need. Do check and create the solution of dish soap and water accordingly so that you won’t take the pain of making it again and again. 

Now dip the cloth or a microfiber cloth in the solution, squeeze the excess from it and gently clean the marks on your wooden furniture. Don’t put too much pressure while cleaning because it might lead to scratches, do it with a gentle hand. 


Do not completely dip the rag in the solution. Instead little by little from the corner of the rag take the liquid and clean your wooden furniture. You can also use a sponge inplace of a rag, the technique is the same, just dip the sponge in the liquid and then clean the furniture with a light hand. 

The best material to clean the wooden furniture is microfiber cloth. These clothes have absorbent properties and can absorb every drop of any liquid leaving you furniture clean as new.

Also try to use as little liquid as possible, while cleaning the furniture.


While wiping the furniture, use a gentle hand. Be very careful while doing so, clean the area where you can notice the dark spots or marks.

Please avoid doing it forcefully. It may take time to come off and you might need to do it several times but using a hard force may lead to scratches. 

You can also use a little cleaner, like dish soap, directly on the spot which is troubling you in coming off. 


The trick to knowing how to clean wood furniture is to keep it as dry as possible. 

Therefore, you want to take care of this step as quickly as possible. The water damages the wooden furniture, so don’t leave it for a longer time. 

Water can pool there and cause damage that's difficult to repair, so use a dry rag to wipe the wood furniture gently and ensure that the furniture is fully dried.


Allow the wood furniture to dry completely before using it. 

Outdoor furniture can easily be left to dry outside. For indoor furniture, make sure that you have plenty of airflows. 


Once the furniture is fully clean and dry then you can add a layer of polish to get the gleam you love in your wood furniture. 

Apply a light layer of the spray on a dry rag, rather than directly on your furniture. Then wipe your furniture down. Avoid oversaturating the wood, and do not apply furniture polish before your furniture has a chance to dry. 


Wood is a beautiful material but like we said before it needs to be taken good care of. 

Remember the saying precaution is better than cure? Well, that saying holds good when it comes to wood.

Fabric Cleaning:

Before using any method to clean the fabric, check the fabric of your couch or chair. Natural cleaners can be used on the cotton and linen fabric. Sometimes furniture has removable, washable covers or cushions.

Most fabric should have a tag to let you know how to clean the fabric. In case you removed the tag, the company’s website/product page is always there for you.

Cleaning Codes on Fabric:

•“W” means the fabric can be cleaned with water. 

• “S” stands for solvents, it means your furniture must be cleaned with solvents (dry clean only), avoid water..

• “S/W” stands for solvents and water, in this case you can use both solvents as well as water to clean the fabric.


Fabric Cleaning Directions:

Once you get all the cleaning codes, clean the furniture with a dry towel especially check all the nooks and crannies. 

After towel cleaning, use baking soda(sprinkle) and let it sit for at least 30 minutes  because it will remove any odors and also helps in removing any stains on the fabric. After 30 mins you can use either a brush or a vacuum to clean it up.

Natural Fabric Cleaner:

You can also try this natural cleaner to clean your fabric:

•   baking soda- 2 cups

•  cornstarch- ½ cup

•  cornmeal- ½ cup

•  bay leaves- 4

•  cloves- 2 tablespoon

Use a blender to mix it all up, sprinkle it on the fabric and let it sit overnight, then clean it with a vacuum or a brush.

Stronger Natural Fabric Cleaner:

If stains remain, try this natural fabric cleaner for pieces that can get wet:

•  white vinegar- ¼ cup

•  warm water- ¾ cup

•  liquid dish soap- ½ tablespoon

You will need to mix all the ingredients and spray it on the stain, then use a white cloth to scrub the stain, do it gently in a circular motion and till the stain comes off. Once the fabric is clean, wash the same white cloth to rinse off the excess soap and also clean the stain area with that we clean white towel. Leave it to air dry.

Wood clean naturally:

•  filter water- 1 cup.

•  distilled white vinegar- 3 tablespoons.

You need to mix the both ingredients, take the solution on a microfiber cloth and wipe the wooden furniture. As vinegar has acidic properties it will help in the cleaning of the wooden furniture.

Also, as we know that the wood polish is a major part of the wooden furniture so it also needs to shine as new for a longer period of time. Hence, you can also make natural cleansers for polish.

Natural Polish for wood:

•  1 cup extra-virgin olive oil- 1 cup.

•  Fresh lemon juice- ½ cup.

Mix both the ingredients well, then in a small amount take the solution on a microfiber cloth and apply it on the furniture in circular motions.

The result will leave your furniture looking good for a longer time.




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