Top 10 Care Instructions for Sheesham Wood Furniture

Posted on February 1st, 2022 12:52 PM

Sheesham wood is known for its durability, natural rich grain and longevity.  Unlike board furniture, Sheesham wood has natural grains that vary in individual pieces, thus making each piece unique and beautiful. Below you will find a list of care instructions for Sheesham wood.

Almost any furniture, be it a bed, coffee table, sofa set, cabinet or end table, can all be crafted from Sheesham wood.

10 Tips About Caring for Sheesham Wood Furniture

1. Protect your furniture from exposure to sunlight. You know the temperature that comes through the window panes can go up to 140 degrees. This can lead to fine finishes, fading or damage to them over time. This will cause a crack and permanently shrink the wood.

2. To keep the shine on wooden furniture, clean with warm water and a mild soap. Cleaning the furniture with water will not damage its shine, make sure the surface doesn't soak it up. You can use an old toothbrush for hard-to-remove areas. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth or paper towel until they are completely clean.

3. Now after cleaning you can use a good quality soft wax to make it last longer. Wait for some time and buff it with a soft cloth or brush. This finish will last for several months.

4. Never place Sheesham wood furniture near heat or vents. Dry heat can permanently damage your furniture design. It may shrink or leave cracks on the wood. So, you can use a humidifier in the month of dryness to keep the humidity at a level of 40 to 50%.

5. For instant touch-ups, use a suitable shoe polish on scratches or chips, at least to make them less visible on furniture legs. The careful use of matching color markers can also help to hide the mark even better.

6. If you want to polish metal hardware, first remove it from the furniture. Assembly should not be too complicated, otherwise, do not unpack the furniture. Use a good quality metal polish to make it shine again. Once your furniture is buffed, put it back again to avoid scratching the surface. Plan this type of cleaning 2-3 days in advance, as it can take longer.

7. You must understand that wood does not starve! And you can not feed the furniture. No matter what the ads show, wood can neither be fed nor polished. Now, once the protective finish or aesthetic protection is in place on the surface of your furniture, the wood is sealed. Oil or water will not enter it.

8. White haze rings or spots: To remove such white haze rings that are created by the coffee cup or pizza box on your table. The easiest way is to use a mild abrasive, such as non-gel toothpaste mixed with baking soda or cooking oil mixed with ash. You can also use a small soft cloth on the spot and remove the ring with light pressure.

9. This is the most important advice you can get if you buy furniture online before actually buying it. Make sure you check the back of furniture and drawers, inside, down. This is because at times it shows the quality side than the "show side". The so-called secondary wood can speak a lot about the life and construction quality of the furniture.

10. It will definitely help you- Restoring or refinishing an old or antique piece of wooden furniture to its original shine/finish may seem like a good idea. You may find that your piece is valuable and just needs proper cleaning. But if there is some more extensive work then that should be left to the professionals.


Furniture is expensive and can look great for years. So take proper care of Sheesham furniture and let it make your home a perfect place for years.

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