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Posted on December 13th, 2021 04:25 PM
Dining table sets online

The dining room is the meeting place for the whole family, so choosing the dining room furniture is as important as choosing the colors of the house. If you love to spend time with your family or guests while you dine, then you should invest in a set of premium dining tables and dining chairs for your home. Dining table sets online is the second most important piece of furniture you can buy after sofa set. It also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the house.

You can place it in a designated space as a dedicated dining room or an extension to the living room. At mkfurniturestore, you will find a plethora of furniture options that can enhance the look of your dining room. You can go for dining chairs, dining tables, dining benches or a complete dining set that our design team has curated for you. There are a variety of colors, patterns, and materials, so they can be a good fit whether you have rustic, contemporary or vibrant designs in your home.

Check out the latest dining table designs including 2 seater dining table and 4 seater dining table options for small families. The 6 seater dining table and 8 seater dining table are more suitable for large families and allow everyone to sit down to eat together. We offer a wide range of Modern Dining Table Sets in superior quality wood, premium plastic and durable fabrics. With Coordinated Furnishing, available at mkfurniturestore, you can easily match your dining table to your living room sofa, recliner, or TV unit, or even your king-size bed or queen-size bed, if you prefer I want all the furniture to be together.

How To Choose The Right Dining Table For Your Home

Use your measuring tape:- Your dining table set should fit in your dining area. Since a dining table is deceptively large, you need to account for the space around it as well. In addition to the space occupied by the table for the dining table chair to sit comfortably, you need at least three feet of space on each side.

Before settling on shapes, consider your needs:- Square and rectangular tables are the most commonly bought. Round or oval tables are considered great for parties and talks as the table has no head. But in case of more seating, you are limited only by the perimeter of the table as these sizes are non-expandable.

Pay attention to the table support:- There are three common types of table bases, legs, pedestals and trestles. Table base can affect the number of people you can fit at the table. Tables with thin legs or where the legs are at the corner will make it easier to squeeze an extra chair. Just make sure the support system doesn't invade the foot space.

Choose the right material:- To choose the right material for a dining set, you need to balance factors such as price, personal style and ease of care. The most common materials are wood, mild steel, plastic, and leatherette.

Set Up A Dream Dining Room With MKfurniture

The Mkfurnitue store offers exquisitely crafted small and large dining table sets online that are made for your comfort. Make meal time conversations never ending by decorating your dining hall with beautiful wooden dining table set from mkfurniturestore. There's a set for every home in our stunning collection of wooden dining sets online.

Dining Sets: You can find a sophisticated collection of designer dining table sets online at the Mkfurniture store. Modern Dining Table Sets for Small Families with Variety of 2 Seater Dining Table Sets and 4 Seater Dining Table Sets Modern Dining Table Sets With 6 seater and 8 seater options, you can adequately meet all your needs! Also, if you are looking for space-saving options, you can opt for a folding dining table and set of chairs.


Different Types of Dining Table Sets Online Available at Mkfurniture

Style your home with functional and designer dining tables sets from Mkfurniturestore. Take a look at the different dining sets options we have curated for you:-

Wooden Dining Tables

The wooden dining table set is a classic piece of furniture that remains matchless. Wood dining is timeless and has never gone out of fashion. And with so many design and color options, you're spoiled for choice. Wooden tables made from solid wood cut across the designs are solid, strong and durable. Invest once and cherish it for lifetime.

From teak to oak, we have plenty of wood options for your home. Entertain your guests in style with Mkfurniture's wooden dining table, available in a variety of design options. There are many color options available in addition to the darker to lighter colors of the wood.

Mkfurniturestore offers premium solid wood dining table sets with Sheesham wood dining table sets being a popular choice. Plus, our divine finishes will change the overall aesthetics game in your dining room setup.

Dining With Bench Seating

Dining has always had chairs but now you can also buy dining chairs with benches. In a bench dining option, you can combine chairs with just the bench or bench seating option. These make a great modern dining table option and are very popular as well.

Round wood dining table designs

Without a lot of space for kitchen and dining areas, a round wooden dining table is a perfect choice. As the name suggests, a round wooden table has a rounded top which makes it easy to move around the table; Something that comes in handy when there isn't much space. You can also get chairs that can be placed under the table and taken out only when needed, to manage the space of your dining area in an even better way. Our Classic Round Dining Table designs are crafted by expert furniture manufacturers to ensure optimum functionality. If you need furniture for other parts of your home, mkfurniture can help you. We offer an exciting range of furniture including beds, coffee tables, cabinets, L shaped sofas, and more.

Teak wood dining table designs

Teak is one of the most popular and expensive types of wood used for making furniture. Wood is super durable, water and insect resistant, and doesn't shrink or corrode with metal. mkfurniture store offers superior quality teak wood dining tables in many different sizes and designs. Choose a stylish and classy teak wood dining set from mkfurniture and give a stunning upgrade to your kitchen or dining area. At mkfurniture, we take care of the needs of our clients which is why our Dining Table Sets are available in various specifications. Go for a 4 seater dining table for a small family or something larger if you have more people with you. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality extends to all the other furniture we sell which includes sofas, beds, recliners, and more.

Latest Designer 4 Seater Dining Table Solid Wood 6 Seater Dining Table SetsSheesham Wood 8 Seater Dining Table 

Best Dining Table Set Designs For Your Beautiful Home

Outdoor dining table designs

Working outdoor seating for Sunday brunch? You'll need a durable dining table set that can survive the outdoors without losing strength or color. Mkfurniturestore offers an exciting collection of outdoor dining tables to help you set up the perfect outdoor dining space. We also offer reliable expandable dining tables that can be easily expanded or contracted depending on the number of people. Count on mkfurniture store for your outdoor dining table needs and bring home a great dining set featuring exquisite craftsmanship and long-lasting construction. If you don't have a lot of space available in your backyard or lawn, you can also opt for a round outdoor dining table.

Small dining table designs

In an apartment where mostly 2-3 people eat together, a big wooden table doesn't make sense. Not only does it take up a lot of precious space, but it also looks out of place due to its large size. Need a small dining table for your home? You are at right place. mkfurniture store offers high quality small dining tables that do not compromise on style and functionality even when small. Our small dining sets are perfect for single families or in a bachelor pad where there is no need for a 6 or 8 seater dining table. Like all of our furniture, we design our small dining tables to be both easy on the eye and super functional. You can buy small dining tables online in different designs and styles from mkfurniture stores.

Glass dining table designs

One of the most popular dining table designs, a glass dining table works surprisingly well with a contemporary design aesthetic. Typically featuring a wooden base with a glass top, a glass kitchen tabletop is a great addition to areas with lots of natural light. If you need a kitchen table that doesn't take up a lot of space but is still comfortable and spacious, a round glass dining table may be exactly what you need. Your search for a durable and stylish glass dining table ends at mkfurniture. All our furniture options are made using finest quality materials and boast of unparalleled functionality and value for money. Need a table for your living room too? Browse our collection of coffee tables and bring one home!

Space saving dining table designs

Got a small dining area or kitchen area that is in dire need of a dining table? mkfurniture store can help. We offer premium space-saving dining tables made using the highest quality materials and featuring expert craftsmanship. Our furniture designers have created dining table designs that do not compromise on comfort or functionality while taking up less space than regular dining tables. Some of the options in our space saving dining table range include round dining tables, bistro-style dining tables and many more. When you shop for Dining Table from Mkfurniture, you are guaranteed of a superior quality product that is durable. Our prices are also very reasonable, especially for large furniture such as beds and dining tables.

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Q1. Which wood is best for the dining table set in India?

Ans. When it comes to durability, nothing beats solid wood. Most of the mkfurniture dining tables are made from sheesham wood, which is known for its beauty and strength.

Q2. How do I choose a dining table set?

Ans. The most important thing to select the right dining table set for your home is to measure the available space. Then, choose the seating capacity to meet your needs and make sure the style and color finish should match the theme of your interior.

Q3. What is better, a dining chair or dining bench?

Ans. Dining benches provide more seating area than chairs, and they are comparatively cheap if you consider the cost per seat. Dining chairs, on the other hand, give you free movement, and you can even stack them if you want to put them away. So it depends on your usage and requirements.

Q4. Which are the best dining table sets under 25000?

Ans. Clove 2 Seater Dining Set, Mcbeth Storage 2 Seater Dining Table Set, Solid Wood 4 Seater Dining Set are the best dining table sets under Rs. 25000.

Q5. What is the standard height of a dining table?

Ans. Most standard dining tables set are about 30 inches tall when measured from the ground.


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