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Posted on November 30th, 2021 01:09 PM

You can find a wide range of single bed designs online, be it for your kids, for the guest room, or for yourself. You can browse online and buy a bed that fits your needs. You can choose between a bed with and without a storage facility. You can save floor space in your room by choosing a single bed design with box storage. You can also find beds with available storage space on the headboard. You can use these spaces to store books, glasses, mobile phones and more. Choose from engineered wood, solid wood beds and metal beds to your liking. 

You can choose the beds based on the theme of your bedroom. You can choose from beds of different colours, shapes, designs and sizes depending on your needs and tastes. Go for single diwan bed designs to add a royal feel to your living room. For children's rooms, choose smaller sized beds with cartoon printed headboards. Most children's beds have soft and rounded edges to avoid danger. MKFurniture is offering single bed designs at the lowest price. So, don't wait any longer, choose the bed that suits your needs and have a peaceful sleep.

Comfortable Single Beds Online

If you sleep alone then buying a single bed may be best for you. Mkfurniturestore is undoubtedly the best place to buy Wooden Single Bed online in India as we provide the facility to customize your Solid Wood Single Bed as per your requirements like dimensions and design. Moreover, all our single beds are made of solid wood which is known to provide strength.

The single bed with storage has enough space to conveniently store your bedding accessories and the height is built to provide complete comfort. The dimensions are supported by substantial ergonomic research. Explore our wide variety of single beds online available in various finishes like teak, honey, mahogany, walnut, etc. We have highly skilled craftsmen who ensure that every single bed is perfectly designed that can match the décor of your room.

Types of Single Beds For Different Room

Kids Room: 

One child's single bed is enough for a single child. You can also put a single bed for more than one child in the room for teenagers so that their friends can stay.

Guest Room: 

With an additional single divan bed or single box bed, you won't have to worry about where your overnight guest will sleep. If you have a guest room, you can go for a cot bed with storage to keep the extra bed.


For smaller rooms, you can add a single bed. Single beds do not take up much space, leaving room for other furniture. If you want to use your bedroom space efficiently, you can also opt for a single bed with storage. Based on your needs, you can choose the right single bed size.

Living Room 

Skip that sofa set and add a single cot or single bed with storage that has a sofa-like design. You can find single cot by Godrej Interiors and off the shelf at Mkfurniture. Mkfurniture also has a beautiful collection of single beds for hometown with storage, full stock and more. The single box beds, cots and divan beds online at Mkfurniture are also ideal for dormitories or hostels.


Diffrent types Of Single Bed Designs

Modern single bed

Get yourself an amazing new modern single bed to suit the trendy look of your newly decorated room. Mkfurniture store offers a complete list of the latest in furnishing ideas, so make sure you have a choice of the best modern single bed design ideas to choose from when you buy from us. With an equally exciting price range to suit your budget, our modern designs cover a wide variety of themes from classical to chic styles that make a powerful statement of your taste for the good life. A modern bedside table is the perfect pairing for a beautifully designed modern single bed.

Traditional single bed

While we go the extra mile for maximum inclusivity, our traditional single bed still occupies a significant portion of our online catalog at Mkfurniture. Classical bed designs hold their own and blend beautifully in ethnic and vintage-themed bedrooms. At any cost, classical single bed designs have a certain luxurious charm, especially for those who combine period theme ideas with elegant living. There is always that touch of magic that traditional beds lend to even the most modern living spaces, and this is where the best traditional furniture designs make their presence felt. The classical single bed design is here to stay.

Buy Sheesham Wood Single Beds Online

Buy Single Bed With Storage at best prices from Mkfurniturestore. We all know that this is the era of digitalisation. In this time, when every market is going online, why should furniture be left behind? The internet provides a platform where you can find detailed types of wooden single beds for the comfort of your home. With so many satisfied furniture customers who have bought single beds from us, it has become one of the more preferred platforms to buy furniture online. On top of that, Mkfurniturestore has come up with 10+ stores across India including major cities and counting.


1. What is the standard dimension of a wooden single bed, can I make it a little bit?

Ans. The standard dimensions of a single bed are 78*36 and of course yes, we can change the dimensions depending on the requirements.

2. What are the different types of single beds?

Ans. The different types of single beds included modern, traditional, contemporary, transitional, and mission beds.

3. What are the different materials used for making single beds?

Ans. The different materials used for making single beds including Sheesham, mango, acacia, rubber, engineered, and plywood.

4. What is the cost of a single bed?

Ans Prices for high quality single beds from leading lifestyle brands start at around ₹10,000 and go up to ₹30,000 depending on size, design and styling, type of wood used, and additional features like trundles, storage capacity, etc. Huh. Feather. There are also special offers for beds available at Mkfurniturestore.

5. Are single beds suitable for adults?

Ans. The standard-size single beds from Mkfurniturestore are designed for comfort and built enough to accommodate an adult of average height and weight. Standard dimensions are usually 36 inches by 78 inches, which is enough for a normal-sized adult.

6. Can I buy a single bed on installments?

Ans. Yes, You can buy single beds on installments that won't impact your budget as we have pocket-friendly EMI.


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