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Posted on February 1st, 2022 04:21 PM
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Television has become an important part of our life. With technological advancement, television has evolved and become a sleek and slim wall mounted unit. A TV unit has also emerged from a plain zen to a piece of furniture that adds to the aesthetics and functionality of your living room. When choosing a television unit, make sure that you have got the dimensions as well as the exact location that your sleek television will be dazzling with.

Another important factor to consider is the size of your television. The right television unit should not only look great but also be a great addition to your television. You can also choose shelves where you can display your family photos, souvenirs and other items of interest. You can also choose to set your TV on the TV table. A corner TV stand is suitable if you are interested in displaying artworks and other showpieces along with television. You can log on to Mkfurniture and browse through the wide range of TV units made from Engineered Wood, Metal and Solid Wood. Choose the one that best suits your needs and have it delivered to your home.

Wooden TV Unit For Living Room

Buy online from a range of Mkfurniture TV units and binge watch all day, in style! The furniture designs of our TV units are designed to suit the quintessential Indian home. Mkfurniture Fortnite TV Unit with TV Cabinet is ideal for the living room. It is spacious and well designed to suit your daily needs and can also serve as a cozy home for any small things or souvenirs. Another reason to buy the right TV unit online for you. Designed using engineered wood with sheesham wooden legs, the style adds to the quotient. 2 open compartments and 2 closed ones for all your essential needs. There is a must mention Mkfurniture dexter tv unit for living room in our category, this unit would look 'oh so amazing' in any room! The dark walnut shade adds to its beauty and gives the perfect finish to your home. So buy any Best TV unit online from the comfort of your home today!

Types of TV Units

The design of the TV unit forms the starting point for you to choose the right TV unit design. A new TV stand will be the general design that works best for you and your home. It's specific size, structure, and function will likely use you for years, so finding the right design is paramount. We have narrowed down the various options available to help you make the right decision.


A more traditional approach to the TV unit, cabinet TV design has been around for years. It comes in two main styles, a closer to console model, one with cabinetry closed under the open surface on which the television sits, and one with drawers set beneath a fully enclosed large space where the screen can be cleverly placed. Can be hidden when not use inside. One pro point as your TV is neatly hidden.


By far the most popular design is the console. Designed in a variety of materials, it's a singular, overall shape, console design incorporates useful shelving and abundant surface area into a concise piece of furniture. Most models have closed shelving and a rectangular structure. MKFurniture offers a plethora of console options in a variety of finishes.


Keeping your floor clean creates the illusion of more space. And an easy way to do this—even in small rooms—is with a makeshift TV unit. A floating TV unit is typically wall-mounted to create a floating effect, although floor models are also available. But no matter which type you choose, they not only look sleek, they're also highly practical with features like hidden storage, shelving, LED lighting, and cable management.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a lightweight easy to make design choice In India, due to dust in the air, a hybrid version is fast becoming the most popular, especially for those looking for a more less intrusive setup, with storage yet providing an open visual element. Typically by design, a central frame contains several shelves for decoration and artwork, and often provides a mounting bracket for the television.

Stand With Audio Towers

To complement your entertainment system, the MKfurniture console can be flanked with audio towers on either side. This TV wall unit is a very practical option, with a pair of tall structured shelves flanking the central stand and the television itself. Pair these with the placement of speakers and any other additional equipment.

Entertainment Center

If you are very particular about your sound system, other gadgets and accessories then the entertainment center is for you. Entertainment centers and TV cabinets, including TV consoles, are pieces of entertainment furniture that are designed to give you access to their components, while providing storage for the items you want to keep out of sight. Since the components will be enclosed, make sure the cabinet allows optimum ventilation and access to power sources.

Things To Consider While Buying An Tv Unit

Measure your TV

This is the most important factor to consider. You don't have to match the TV's screen size to the TV unit's size; You need to know the frame size, total height and width of the TV. Also, consider how deep the unit is so it can fit securely. There should be a 2-inch gap around the TV to have room for cables, and to have good ventilation around the appliance.

Measure your room

Choose the size of the entertainment unit according to the size and viewing distance of your room. Generally, if you want an entertainment unit for your bedroom, it is better to go for a compact TV cabinet or LCD unit. Wall units are huge, and they look great in a living room or hall.

Entertainment unit placement

First, consider how your room is laid out to contain the entertainment unit and television. The TV screen should be at a comfortable level with your vision when you are sitting. Depending on the seating arrangement, TV size and viewing height, you can decide whether to go for a higher TV unit or a lower TV unit. In addition, the availability of electrical outlets and cable lines is essential when determining where to place them. Always keep your entertainment unit away from windows so that backlighting doesn't impair your view.

Explore Latest TV Table Designs

A TV cabinet for the living room that's embedded to make you feel like you can do more with less space. The Mkfurniture simpson tv unit is unique and classy! It makes up for all the free space in the room and adds a dash of magic when viewed from any corner of the room. The MKFurniture Teak & Walnut Wall TV Stand is a steal if you want to save space at an affordable price! This Wall TV stand is a beauty in its deep walnut color, and well worth a look. If you need something minimalist and ultra-elegant then the space provided in the TV unit design is enough. Buying TV units online is just a click away.

Sheesham Wood TV Units

Buying a new sheesham wood TV units for the living room can be a daunting task as you have to put a lot of thought into whether it will match the other decor and how much space it will take up. While shopping for a TV unit online, you need to keep in mind the style as well as the functionality. Our Sheesham Wood TV units are designed by expert craftsmen and beautifully blend Indian designs with Indian designs.

Our modern TV unit online is made from the highest quality Sheesham wood which is known to be termite resistant. The affordable and ultra modern Bojack TV cabinet can transform the ambiance of your living room. sounds amazing? You should check out our beautiful TV tables and units online. We offer both wall-mounted TV units and freestanding TV units with drawers that you can choose from as per your convenience. Say goodbye to worrying about cleaning as most of our wooden TV units have ample height from the ground.

They just need to be wiped down with a soft cloth once in a while. Sit down or lie down while relaxing from a long day with our TV Cabinet and watch all your favorite series and movies. The affordable and ultra modern Bojack TV cabinet can transform the ambiance of your living room. sounds amazing? You should check out our beautiful TV table. We offer both Wall-Mounted TV Unit and Freestanding TV Unit with Storage with Drawer that you can choose from as per your convenience.

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 We make sure to discuss your dimensions in details prior your order confirmation, so it shall not be possible from our end to commit a mistake in size. We would request you to share your Tv dimensions earlier to adjust the Tv cabinet design.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which material is good for a TV unit or TV Furniture?

Ans. Online TV unit furniture or any type of entertainment units are made of wood, this is because wooden units match all kinds of home decor and interior themes. Rosewood wood is especially considered best for entertainment units as they are durable and strong enough to carry the weight of a TV.

Q2. How do I choose a TV Unit?

Ans. Mkfurniture TV Units can be chosen based on the size of the TV and the storage requirements. Options available are Wall Mounted TV Units, TV Cabinets and Entertainment Units.

Q3. Where to buy TV unit designs online?

Ans. Thoughtfully designed TV cabinets to suit your unique style and varied need, Mkfurniture offers quality and value. Shop from the comfort of your own home using the Mkfurniture site.


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