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Posted on November 16th, 2021 12:19 PM
Buy Queen Size Beds Online

Queen size beds online are the best solution if you are looking for a bed. When you buy your queen size bed online, you get the advantage of choosing from a wide collection of different bed designs. Online furniture stores will offer you some great discounts and prices that you will not find at a normal furniture store. Plus, when you buy your furniture online, you can check out various online furniture stores and compare rates, designs and offers and then zero in on the one that best suits your needs. With online shopping, you also get the benefit of easy payment, fast delivery and you can easily use their return policy if you are unhappy with the product.

Queen Size Beds Online

When it comes to choosing a bed for your room, size matters. From king size beds to queen size beds and more, there are many options one can choose from. But, the size of the sleeper also matters a lot while choosing the size of the bed. If you are a couple looking for a bed that gives you enough room to roll over without bumping into each other all night and allows you to sleep comfortably at night, then you should opt for a queen bed. A queen bed is slightly smaller than a king-sized bed, but it still provides enough space for more than two people. It also comes with just the right amount of space and offers enough room for adults of average height to sleep comfortably without feeling like they are in.


The Smart Guide To Selecting A Queen Size Bed

Is your desired cot queen size? If so, browse through our stylish queen size bed options and make an informed choice. While first-time buyers may wonder what a queen size bed is, those with more knowledge may have already put together a checklist of features and amenities.

If you're looking for a solid, long-term investment, Urban Ladder offers a number of solid wood beds that can last a long time. On the other hand, a double bed queen size in engineered wood is easy to move between homes, making your relocation easy. Rest assured when buying a queen size bed online, as the quality of the wood conforms to the highest standards. Our laminate surfaces are thicker than other options available on the market, and our laminates are scratch resistant, anti-fungal and less prone to peeling.

There are several parameters to consider when examining queen size bed options online. Our eye-catching colors like Abbott Grey, Oak Beige, Mist Brown, and more can easily complement your existing or proposed interior, taking your bedroom aesthetic to another level. Storage is an extremely important parameter for a queen size bed, and we offer options within that as well. One-box storage is the most common type, with separate compartments for different types of stowaways. In some of these options, the hydraulic mechanism helps you access the storage area with ease. For larger room sizes, you might also consider a queen-size bed with drawer storage—which incidentally makes it easier to clean under the bed.

Advantages of buying a Queen Size Bed

You might be wondering why you should shop online for a queen size bed. Let's list the benefits so that you can get an answer to this question. Shopping online for a queen size bed will help you get a detailed understanding of the bed's features and uses - going through the product descriptions listed on the site. This way, you get a more honest view of the benefits of bedding because you can simultaneously find blogs and articles online that talk about other people's experiences with your bedding of choice. Some online shopping sites also offer delivery options that include "pre-assembled" beds, "do-it-yourself" beds - where you assemble it yourself from scratch, and even "knock down" delivery. And if you're unhappy with your purchase, these sites have effective support groups that address your complaints so you can get value for money.

Buy a queen size bed to get the following benefits:

More storage

Most queen size beds come with bed storage space which is great for storing shoe boxes, blankets, sheets, containers and all kinds of other things that you don't want to use very often. It also helps to keep your home clutter-free and organize unwanted things by locking them in storage drawers.


You can customize your queen size bed to suit your needs. You can choose to make your bed look extravagant or as simple as you wish. With a large sleeping area, you can make the head and foot boards more stylish and intricate. Alternatively, if you prefer simplicity then you can go for a simple look and avoid too many details.

budget friendly

If your budget is less and you do not want to spend much on a king size bed, then going for a queen size bed is a good idea. Plus, you can save money and spend it on a comfy case for your queen bed instead.

Perfect size

If you have a small bedroom a queen size bed may be a much better fit than a single bed or bunk bed. It's not too big and will give you more floor space to add more furniture or perhaps move around freely. Many people opt for king size beds only to see that they occupy a lot of space and once installed look very large.

Different types of queen size beds available at Mkfurniture

Queen size bed with hydraulic storage

You can never have too much storage space, so a queen size bed with hydraulic storage feels like a dream. A modern queen-size bed uses a hydraulic mechanism to help raise the mattress for storage under the bed so you have plenty of room to keep things you need for winter comforters and woolens. Not needed immediately.

Queen size bed without storage

If you don't need the extra storage space, fret not. Mkfurniture has you covered with a queen-size bed with no storage, a classic and comfortable option without all the bells and whistles that works with your bedroom's design theme. This queen size bed price is not too hard on the pocket which is great when you are on a budget. To complete the classic look, complement it with an L shaped sofa or a seating area in the form of a sofa set.

Queen size bed with drawers

If you want some storage that is easily accessible, then a queen size bed with drawers is just the thing for you. A queen-size wood bed is a classic option that adds a rustic charm to the space and creates a warm and cozy bedroom. Check out the options to find the bed designs of your choice and you are sure to buy the queen size bed that is perfect for you.

Solid wood queen size bed

A solid wood queen size bed is a classic and heavy duty bed compared to its more recent counterparts that focus on upholstery and design elements like a modern queen size bed. Wood beds are an incredibly durable option that can stand the test of time and a double queen size bed is a great choice for large bedrooms.

Sheesham wood queen size bed

Sheesham wood queen size beds are a great and functional option. They are more lightweight than solid wood and have stood the test of time with minimal maintenance and have a classic wood finish that gives it a classic regal look. It's hard to go wrong with a sheesham wood queen size bed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the storage dimensions?

Inner Cavity Dimensions King Size Bed (78 inches x 72 inches)

Inner Cavity Dimensions Queen Size Bed (78 inches x 60 inches)

2. What wood is the Mkfurniture bed made from?

The structure (frame) of the Mkfurniture bed is made of high quality sheesham(Indian rosewood) and teak wood. The bed also uses an MDF board on the inside of the frame to support the mattress.

3. What is the expected life of the wooden bed?

Beds made of sheesham wood are considered very durable and are expected to serve well for a long time.

4. What is the ideal mattress size for the King and Queen size beds?

We recommend you use a mattress size of 78x72 inches for King size beds, and 78x60 inches for Queen size beds

5. How many people can sleep on the bed and how much load can it bear?

We recommend 2-3 people for a comfortable sleep. The bed can bear upto 300 kgs in queen size, and 350 kgs in king size.


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