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Posted on November 6th, 2021 07:48 PM
King size beds

If you love sleeping like a starfish, then the king size bed is made for you. A king size bed is big enough that two people can comfortably sit in it. These beds are also cost effective, and most king size beds come in a variety of styles with unique design patterns.

Bed plays an important role in getting good sleep. As you know, there are many options available in bedding, but if you are more concerned about your comfort and don't want to spoil your luxurious bedroom, then king size bed is the best option for you.

King size bed is a perfect blend of comfort and luxury. Having enough space, these beds are ideal for couples. There are many types of king size beds available at this time. You will find one that fits and compliments your bedroom.

Things to consider before buying a king-size bed


As the name suggests, a king size bed is the largest of all the beds available, and it will take up more space in your bedroom. You need to consider the space in your bedroom before you decide on the size of the bed you are going for. If you have a large bedroom, a king size bed will add an element of luxury and grandeur!

2.Quality of Material

A bed is generally a long-term investment, so buying a durable bed is important. Pay attention to the type of material used to make the bed. Generally, a wrought-iron king-size bed or a solid wood king bed is long-lasting and ideal for your home. You can also buy a king bed made of engineered wood, but you'll need to make sure the engineered wood is of high quality and has a sturdy frame to support the boards.


For any room to look perfect, you need to add elements that complement each other. So if you have a modern, minimalist bedroom, a low profile king bed is the best option or if you have a traditional bedroom then a sleeve bed would be the ideal choice. So always consider the style of your bedroom before buying a bed.


Buy King Size Bed Online

Buying a king size bed is a versatile addition to every bedroom, whether you are planning to replace your traditional furniture or are primarily choosing it for your new bedroom. Unlike queen size beds, this incredibly spacious and beautiful wooden king size bed furniture creates a room for a comfortable and restful sleep. The design and structure of these solid wood king size beds are precisely crafted by our design experts to provide you with the comfort and convenience you need while sleeping. 

Buy wooden king size beds online from our latest collection which is designed to accentuate the interior of your bedroom. Each one features a uniquely designed headboard to provide you comfort as well as satisfaction. The online assortment of designer king size beds will mesmerize you with its sleek look as they are crafted from high quality mango and sheesham wood, so rest assured about the longevity of the product and look at the sheesham wood king size bed Rest like a king.

Solid Wood King Size Bed

Solid wood is the best choice if you are looking for a high quality, long lasting furniture piece for your home. With premium quality, solid wood also adds a stylish touch to your bedroom. The natural look of solid wood furniture is a unique way to add warmth, charm and style to your home. King size beds are an expensive purchase, and the focus is on getting the best quality furniture for your home so that you can consider solid wood.

Our modern collection of Modular King Size Beds, Double Bed Designs, King Size Bed Designs, Single Bed Designs, Bunk Bed Designs and Kids Bed Designs will amaze the audience with its unique style and opulent grace. Scroll down through our designer collections and check out our everlasting assortment for your wishful sleeping area. Adolph, Walken and Harley king beds are stylish models with excellent storage options and various finishes like teak, mahogany, walnut and honey etc.


Q1. How big is a king size bed?

Ans. The standard measurements of the king size bed is : 82 L x 77 W x 42 H. It is perfect for your spacious room and has enough space to accommodate sleep for more than 2 people at a time.

Q2. Does the bed require expert installation?

Ans. Our beds are easy to install, however to ensure error free installation our expert team will assist you with the installation process which is absolutely free.

Q3. Which king size bed is best, with storage or without storage?

Ans. It totally depends on the likes and requirements. But if you buy with a storage bed, you will get extra storage space in the bed and can keep all the bed items in it without adding additional storage furniture unit in the bedroom.

Q4. Where to buy king size bed?

Ans. Online shopping is the best way to find the best deals, discounts and offers available on furniture as you can compare prices, materials and available discounts and choose the right one for you. If you want the touch and feel of your furniture before investing, buying from a furniture store is the ideal option for you. You can visit the store during various festivals to avail incredible deals.


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