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Posted on January 12th, 2022 01:21 PM

A bookshelf is the epitome of class and can never go out of style. It is a staple in every book lover's home and is now a style statement too. This is a great way to keep your valuable books of various shapes and sizes in an organized manner.

Here at Mkfurniture, we make buying bookshelf online an easy task. We offer modern and contemporary designs of Bookshelf online. Our online bookshelf is made in versatile designs to suit every type of home theme. You also get 1 year warranty when you buy our bookshelf online, so you can worry-free about the quality.

Our online bookshelves are designed with tall books and files in mind, so you never have to compromise. Our range of online bookshelf includes Plath book shelves that follow a zig zag pattern, Burns book shelf inspired by a ladder design, Barnes bookshelf and Wilde bookshelf rack which is in two toned colours. All of our bookshelves online come with great depth of each shelf, which helps you organize and store them optimally.

Wooden Bookshelf Online at Mkfurniture

A wooden bookshelf gives a home a nice spruce and a way of expression to the occupants of the house. A bookshelf that is made of wood has an irresistible allure to them and can be very aesthetically pleasing. Wood, known for its strength and durability, makes a great bookshelf if you need storage options in your home or if you need an organizer that can double as a bookshelf. Additionally, a bookcase or bookshelf can store many things such as office files, novels, indoor plants, records and more.

Mkfurniture wooden book rack and bookshelf online are designed in such a way that you can use them as display units as well. Our engineered wood bookshelf adds lightness to the furniture. You can store books, art collections, small indoor plants, and decor accents and accessories on each bookshelf.

We have different types of bookshelf online such as ladder bookshelf, zig-zag inspired version and ladder inspired bookshelf. Whether you need a ladder bookshelf, engineered bookshelf, rosewood wood bookshelf, bookshelf for home or office, wooden book rack, we have it all!

Multipurpose Bookshelves For Your Home

Bookshelf With Drawers

Hungry for that extra storage space? Get a bookshelf with drawers to store items you don't want to be displayed openly. Show off your hardcover books and small potted plants on your open shelves. In the meantime, you might consider keeping your documents and files in drawers. This is convenient because modern drawers open and close easily. Depending on how much you need to store, go for a bookshelf with multiple drawers.

Bookshelf With Storage

If you have mountains of books in your house, listen up. Give your beloved books a home and get a bookshelf with storage so you can reduce that clutter. A tall bookshelf with doors is a practical and space-saving option for any room. You can even create a cozy nook in your living room with a corner storage unit. Alternatively you can buy a classic wooden bookshelf with doors. Worried about your favorite reading being ruined by direct sunlight? There are multiple designs with cleverly integrated storage so you can protect your old books from decay.

Bookshelf With Glass Doors

Too many souvenirs and nowhere to put them? Take them out of their dusty cabinets and put them on display! A bookshelf with glass doors is perfect for this purpose. Glass doors protect your items from the elements while simultaneously showing them off.

Best Bookshelf Designs Online

Modern bookshelf designs:

Why not consider some trendy bookshelf designs? You can go for a sleek model with a luxurious mahogany finish. For those who like to be a little playful – try contrasting shelves to add a contemporary and interesting touch to your room. Need to set your room apart? A bookshelf can also help with this. Go for a wide book rack design that doubles as a room divider. Showcases are another stylish option for a modern living room.

Bookshelf designs for small rooms:

short on space? do not worry. Designer book shelves are so versatile that they can fit into any nook of your home. Choose from a plethora of bookshelf designs for small rooms. For example a corner bookshelf can make good use of the space which is usually wasted. Organize and display all your items using your space efficiently.

Simple bookshelf design

Bookshelf designs for the home can be minimalistic and functional. With a simple bookshelf design, you will have easy access to all your files and documents. No need to be boring though! Add some fun character to your apartment. Have fun with trendy book shelf designs and don't forget to decorate your bookshelf well. Why stop at books, really? Display everything from small potted plants to colorful ceramics and antiques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where to buy bookshelf online?

Ans. Skip the queues and uncertain delivery deadlines and get your favorite bookshelf online on the Mkfurniture app and website. It is convenient, quick and easy to navigate.

Q2. What materials are used for making bookshelves?

Ans. Materials used to make bookshelves include a variety of woods such as mango, acacia, rubber, teak, oak, beech, engineered and solid wood. Other materials include steel, particle board, MDF and fabric.

Q3. What are the types of bookshelf designs available?

Ans. The types of bookshelf designs available include modern, mid-century modern, transitional, traditional, contemporary and industrial bookshelf.

Q4. How much is the average capacity of Bookshelves?

Ans. The average capacity of a bookshelf is 48 books and this also varies according to its size, dimensions and the dimensions of your books. 


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